RF80-K Charger/Analyzer

The RF80-K set the worldwide industry standard for aircraft battery charger/analyzers for over 20 years. With its many user-friendly features, automatic operation, digital timers and displays, and selection of several charge modes including Christie’s ReFLEX charger, the RF80-K remains a popular choice.

  • PC Interface Available with AB3000 Controller for ABMS-10X Battery Management System
  • Simple, Straight-Forward Operation
  • Heavy Duty Design and Performance
  • Digital Timers & Displays
  • Charges and Analyzes All Aircraft Batteries
  • Ni-Cd and Lead-Acid, all manufacturers
  • Unique ReFLEX Quick-Charger
  • Constant Current Charge
  • 2-Step Constant Current Charge
  • Constant Potential Charge, for Lead Acid
  • Constant Current Discharge, for Capacity Testing
  • DigiFLEX Analysis for Visual Status Indication
  • Cell Voltage Balance Testing, Internal Voltmeter
  • CE European Approval, RF80-K (CE)Note: The RF80-K model replaces the previous RF80H design, which was discontinued in 1991.


Size: 18.5" (47.1 cm) wide × 21.5" (54.6cm) deep × 11" (27.9 cm) high Cabinet: 17"(43.2cm) wide × 20.8" (52.3cm) deep × 1.25"(26cm) high Net weight: 145 pounds (65.9 kg) Front Panel Material: Steel with polyester overlay Case material: Steel

Electrical Input:

Voltage: 110, 208, 220 VAC Frequency: 50/60 Hz Current: 25 amperes, maximum

Electrical Output:

Unique RF80-K ReFLEX Charge: 2 to 80A Constant Current Charge: 1 to 65A, maximum Constant Current Discharge: 0.2 to 60A

Electrical Display:

Current: 99.9 full scale, accuracy ±2% of full scale Individual Cell: 19.9 full scale, accuracy ±2% of full scale DigiFLEX: 10 segment trend bar display.


2 Year Factory Limited Warranty