Fill-Master FM262E Automatic Watering System

The Fill-Master is a precision automatic watering system for vented nickel-cadmium aircraft batteries. Using an adjustable feeder, the user can add distilled water to each cell quickly, while recording the exact quantity of water added for hard-copy print-out. The control unit has a standard parallel printer port and can be connected to virtually any parallel printer (not included with unit).

  • Automatically fills distilled water in nickel-cadmium aircraft battery cells
  • Precision acoustical sensor shuts-off pump when water level reaches specified height
  • Depth Adjustment sets appropriate cell water level
  • Printer output provides hard-copy water filling report (requires printer adapter module)
  • Optional wireless interface available for ABMS-10X Battery Management System
  • 115 and 230 volt, 50/60Hz input


Base (Pump): length: 7.3”/185mm, width: 6.7”/170mm, height: 7.3”/185mm weight: 7.0 lbs./3.2 Kg liquid delivery rate: 250cc/min. (nominal) Gun Assembly: cable length: 8’/2.4m weight: 1.6 lbs./730g minimum vent opening: 0.25”/6.5mm tube O.D.: 4mm Stand: length: 9.8”/249mm, width: 5.0”/127mm, height: 14”/356mm weight: 5.5 lbs./2.5 Kg Graduated Cylinder: Capacity: 50 ml Compatible Printer: Canon BJC-85 Inkjet Printer

Electrical Input:

115 or 230 Volts AC 50 or 60 Hz Fuse protected Cord length: 6’/1.8m

Electrical Display:

Membrane Keyboard Display - LCD


1 Year Factory Limited Warranty