BWD Distilled Water System

Produce your own Distilled Water to support nickel-cadmium aircraft battery servicing operations. Designed to use with standard battery filling syringe or our Fill-Master FM262E Automatic Battery Watering System. Also provides source for distilled drinking water. Larger models are available for Engine Compressor Washes.

The BWD-120 and BWD-240 Water Distillers allow production of your own distilled water to support aviation battery shop operations.  Annual water certification program provides water purity report for continued use and traceability.

  • Small footprint counter-top distiller
  • Batch operation: Electronic timer
  • Requires: Electrical outlet. Water faucet accessibility
  • Production approx .8 gallons/batch
  • Batch time: Approx 3.5 hours
  • No plumbing required
  • Plastic container for distilled water
  • Carbon Filter tray & holder
  • Annual water certification program


Dimensions: (W-D-H) 14"x10"x16"

Electrical Input:

Electrical options: BWD-120= 120v 60 Hz, BWD-240= 240v 50/60 Hz