ABMS-10X Battery Management System

The ABMS-10X Battery Management System provides PC control of up to 10 Christie RF80-M and/or RF80-K Charger/Analyzers on a single PC. Featuring individual cell scanning & diagnostics, battery temperature monitoring and expanded battery processing capability, this user-friendly system represents the latest evolution of our popular ABMS product series.

  • Remote PC Control of up to 10 RF80-M with Expanded Functionality and Accuracy
  • Simple, Straight-Forward Operation
  • Pre-programmed Service Routines provide Automated Battery Processing
  • Compatible with Existing and Emerging Aircraft Battery Chemistries
  • Automatic Processing and Data Monitoring Increase Battery Shop Productivity
  • Fill-Master Interface for Capturing and Logging Cell Water Consumption
  • Color Display of Real-Time Battery Servicing Data
  • Battery Performance Graphs of Discharge Capacity and Charge Cycle
  • Accurate Monitoring of Cell/Battery Voltage, Current and Temperature
  • Battery Management Reports can be Viewed, Printed or Exported
  • Complete Traceability to Satisfy Regulatory Authorities
  • Designed to Conform to Battery Manufacturer’s Servicing Guidelines (CMMs)
  • Work Order Form Records Initial/Final Inspection, Servicing Results and Water Usage
  • Cell Voltage Alert Conditions are Reported, Displayed and Recorded
  • Data Back-Up Utility

Battery Management Reports

  • End of Task Report: Contains all cell/battery voltage/current data, plus amp-hour calculation, charge/discharge graph and error summary.
  • Work Order Report: Contains initial inspection, end of task summaries for all servicing steps, water consumption data and final inspection checklist.
  • Water Usage Report: Contains water consumption data by battery manufacturer, type or age, sorted by manufacturer, type or serial number.
  • Battery Detail Report: Contains summary information on all batteries in database by manufacturer, type or age, sorted by manufacturer, type or serial number.
  • Compliance Report:  Contains a listing of all batteries in the database including charge/discharge parameters cross referenced to component maintenance manual (CMM) number and revision date.